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Warping the Table Loom for Tablet Weaving

Illustrated instructions from
White Wolf and the Phoenix
Michael Houghton
Herveus d'Ormonde

General overview

  1. Thread cards
  2. Tie first end to apron stick
  3. Wind warp on
  4. Tie second end to other apron stick
  5. Weave!

Threading cards

The simplest way is to prepare a continuous warp using four balls/cones of thread. You will want to have the cards about a foot from one end of the warp. Ideally, that end will have nothing but loops (unless you have an odd number of cards).

Tie first end to apron stick

If you have loops, just pass the stick through the loops. Replace the strings and you are done this step.

Otherwise, divide the cards into groups of eight to ten cards. The precise number is not critical.

Take the middle group and tie the ends on the bar.

  1. Split the ends into two bunches.
  2. Pass the ends over the apron stick.
  3. Take them under and up on each side of the whole bundle.
  4. Tie a square knot on top of bundle. tie warp ends in square knot

Repeat for each group of cards, working from the middle out.

Wind warp on

This works best with two people. One person winds on; the other holds the warp ends.

Holding tension on the warp, slide the pack of cards down the warp.

Try for a foot or two at a time.

Wind the combed warp onto the warp beam. You will want to wind in heavy paper to keep the layers of thread from intermingling.

We used the largest paper grocery sacks before we went out and bought a roll of 70# kraft paper. Lighter paper won't do the trick.

Repeat the slide and wind until you have the warp ends at the far beam.

The person holding the warp ends should attempt to keep the tension even and to pull loose warps toward him to even the tension.

Tie second end to other apron stick

At this point, the warp ends will almost certainly be rather uneven. Trim them to an even length.

Tie the ends on to the apron stick just as described for the first stick. Try to make the tension even between bundles. If necessary, untie a bundle to adjust its tension.

At this point, you are ready to begin weaving.

Copyright 1999, 2003 Michael Houghton. All rights reserved.


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